We kick off our Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series with a deep dive into How Men Use Their Strength to help us harness the power of positive masculinity.

Topics we cover on this show:

01:26 – The foundation of Father A Nation all about and the work they do with men in communities

04:10 – How single fatherhood has shaped and influenced Craig’s life and relationship with his children

06:53 – How pain affects men and the need for men to be heroes for their family

09:10 – Craig share what being a strong brother means in the context of men being strong

11:28 – The language men use among each other and how we need to honor instead of rip each other apart

12:48- Being a hero and standing up against unfair treatment of women and holding men accountable

16:36 – How men fail to use their strength

22:05 – Examples of how men can use their strength for good

24:08 – Man’s internal compass and what men value

25:18- How men show up and prioritize,

27:43 – Being a man of conviction and setting boundaries

29:15 – The pressure that men feel

31:47 – Closing statements, know your strength and being present