On our third segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we discuss How Champion Men Define Themselves By Character.

We start off by defining what character means to men and how we can build strong and positive characteristics on our journey to becoming great. We then unpack the 5 keys to being a man of character and take a deep dive into the 4 biggest lies men grow up with.

Topics we cover on the show:

03:05 – What it means to define yourself by character,

05:38 – Being dangerous but good and nice guys finish last,

06:40 – Why men make up stories to make them feel validated and part of “the boys”

08:10 – Great men and celebrities that fell from “grace” because of lack of self control,

09:20 – Big boys don’t cry and men shutting of their emotions,

11:48 – Men growing up with abuse and hiding behind the shame they feel,

13:53 – Building strong character from the inside out, men need to stop posing and profiling each other,

15:02 – Keeping our word and fulfilling our commitments,

16:26 – Keep doing the work to improve yourself and those around you,

17:33 – Virtue signaling and effects of social media on men and relationships,

19:21 – Speaking and relying on each other as ordinary men to get life lessons,

20:17 – Exercising self control and taking control over your attitude and actions,

25:10 – Walking away from difficult situations and putting self control into practice,

26:43 – Highlighting the next segment where we discuss how to build our Band Of Brothers.

29:06 – Closing statements, do the research and put in the work to better yourself as a man.